It’s the year 2019 — yet girls and women continue to face discrimination and barriers to economic opportunity. A shocking 104 countries still have laws preventing women from working in specific jobs — and studies show women earn 23% less than men for the same work. Of the trillions of dollars spent by large corporations and governments every year, only 1% goes to women-owned businesses.

Yet if women don’t have equal opportunities as men to participate in the economy , we are all held back. Through the trillions of dollars  they spend on goods and services each year, governments and corporations have the power to change this by purchasing from businesses owned by women. Meanwhile, the World Bank also has immense power — providing USD $60 billion each year to developing countries to promote vital areas like healthcare and education, and help lift people from extreme poverty.

Stand up for a world where #SheIsEqual. Add your name to call on the World Bank, governments, and big business to empower girls and women.