Tonight, over 820 million people will go to bed hungry, lacking regular access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food. 

Rural communities and farmers around the world are struggling to produce enough good food, and climate change is about to make this stark scenario even worse. Changing climate conditions and persistent drought, cyclones and flooding have wreaked havoc on harvests across Africa. As climate shocks intensify, sub-Saharan Africa is facing its worst hunger crisis in decades, leaving more than 45 million people on the brink of hunger. 

Farmers in rural communities stand on the front-lines of climate change and need our support. Today, climate change is altering their conditions and opportunities for food production, and is threatening to reverse much of the progress made in the fight against hunger and poverty. Poor small-scale farmers and fishermen are already severely affected by changing weather conditions.

We are calling on world leaders to step up and fight hunger.

By investing in agriculture and farmers, governments and donors around the world can help establish food security, increase social stability, and protect the environment from further damage. 

Sign and share our petition now! Help us call on world leaders to invest more in agriculture so farmers can grow more food, weather any storm and end hunger in their communities and across the continent.