Marriage is a divisive issue. Some see it as an outdated, patriarchal tradition, while others can’t wait to tie the knot. But 13.5 million girls a year don’t have the luxury of engaging in the debate. Every two seconds, a girl marries before the age of 18 — often before she has finished school, or before her body is mature.

Sonita Alizadeh could have been one of these girls. In Afghanistan, where she grew up, 57% of girls are married young. Her parents tried to sell her into marriage when she was 16, but after bravely using rap to speak out, Sonita is now working to end child marriage for girls all around the world.

"My biggest fear is to see a world where girls continue to be treated as property, unable to imagine or create a bright future for themselves, and to see world leaders not take action to end gender-based violence around the world." — Sonita Alizadeh.

Stand with Sonita. Sign the petition calling on all world leaders to end child marriage — then send a direct message to the governments of Cameroon and Tanzania — two countries where ⅓ of girls are still married before the age of 18. Together, we can end child marriage.