Now more than ever the world needs global cooperation. But this week the UK government has taken a major step backwards to cut the aid budget, and looks instead to divert this life-saving funding to the Ministry of Defence.

We can’t let this happen. 

At just 7p in every £10, UK aid delivers life-saving programmes across the world and has helped bring millions out of poverty. Right now, the world needs aid more than ever — with the UN predicting the world’s worst food crisis in 50 years, and that an additional 150 million people will fall into extreme poverty by 2021 due to COVID-19. 

Global Citizens have made a huge difference to the UK’s impact on the world — from life-saving vaccinations to championing the rights of women and girls across the world, by raising your voice you have convinced the government to do the right thing. Now, we need you to speak up again, for the millions in poverty who’s lives will be affected by this decision. 

The aid budget — currently set at 0.7% of GNI — is designed to shrink and grow with the economy, and so during COVID-19 it has already reduced by £2.9 billion. But now, Rishi Sunak wants to cut billions more in a move that would be devastating for programmes getting life-saving aid to the world’s poorest people. 

This destructive decision will have tragic global consequences if we don’t act now. 

Send an email to your MP now urging them to write to the Prime Minister and speak out against the cuts in parliament. Follow up your email with a tweet to Boris Johnson directly.