Around the world, millions of people are suffering from preventable diseases, losing their homes because of natural disasters, or to going to bed hungry because of famine — all because of the simple accident of where they were born. 

Meanwhile, a privileged few are taking more than their fair share — 26 people hold as much money as the poorest 50% of the globe. This can’t be right. 

International aid fights to end this inequality. From helping girls like Selenat escape child marriage, to immunising 80 children a minute against polio — UK aid is working to create a world of equal opportunity for all. Yet media outlets like the Daily Mail continue to call this a ‘scandal’, and want to slash this budget at every chance. 

We believe that — as the world’s fifth largest economy — the UK can afford to tackle poverty at home, and help vulnerable men, women and children overseas. And if we can help, we should.

Right now, this budget is protected by law. But it’s a turbulent political time — and if the leadership of the Conservative Party were to change, or a general election called, aid could be under threat. But if MPs know that their constituents care about aid, they are more likely to protect it. Stand up for what is right: ask your MP what they are doing to ensure UK aid continues to transform lives.