COVID-19 is surging through Latin American and Caribbean countries, but if our governments work together they’ll be better able to beat back the virus everywhere.

More than 2 million cases and more than 121,000 deaths due to COVID-19 were reported in the Americas as of May 18 — a 14% increase in both cases and deaths from last week. And poor and indigenous communities have been particularly hard hit. In the Amazon Basin, home to many of these communities, incidences of COVID-19 are double that found in non-Amazonian provinces.

But to make sure everyone gets access to tests, treatments and the vaccine once it’s developed, we need countries to strengthen their health systems and agree to guarantee access for everyone. With increased cooperation, wealthy countries and poor countries will have equal access to life-saving drugs and equipment, and no will be left behind.

Take action by signing the petition. Then leave a message for Latin American leaders, and watch and share Color Esperanza — a song/video that helps raise money for the COVID-19 response everytime someone clicks.


If you'd like to leave a message for Latin American leaders, here are some suggestions on what to include, but you can also just write from the heart:

- How COVID-19 has impacted your own life.
- We’re counting on leaders from across Latin America and the Caribbean to cooperate to tackle COVID-19.
- We need all countries to commit to guarantee equal access to COVID-19 tests, treatments and the vaccine, once ready.