Call on the Commonwealth to Tackle Gender Inequality, Poverty and Disease

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    Home to 2.4 billion people, the Commonwealth is comprised of 53 countries — including some of the richest and poorest nations on earth.

    Every few years, Commonwealth leaders meet to discuss the issues that affect their people, and in April 2018, they’re coming to London. This could be a landmark opportunity to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges: gender inequality, poverty and disease.

    It’s shocking: every single country in the Commonwealth has at least one law that limits the opportunities of women — which is why Global Citizen is campaigning to #LevelTheLaw. Moreover, diseases that we know how to prevent and treat continue to create poverty and suffering, with malaria likely to kill 430,000 people this year alone. And these problems are interconnected. In every single city in the UK, people are being exploited as modern day slaves — many from Commonwealth nations like Nigeria. Meanwhile, the trade deals the UK makes as the country leaves the EU could have a dramatic impact on the world’s poorest people.

    The world is at a crossroads. In 2015, leaders promised to achieve 17 Global Goals by 2030 — to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change. Yet two years later, little progress has been made. Meanwhile, hate-filled and isolationist rhetoric threatens to pull us back into a world where the problems of our brothers and sisters abroad are no longer considered our concern.

    The agenda for the 2018 Commonwealth Summit is being written right now. Let’s send a loud message: as the powerful meet, every decision made should think of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.