Global South Activists Are Demanding the US to Deliver Climate Justice: Share Their Voices

Climate activists have a message for US lawmakers: the time to deliver climate justice is now.

What to know:

  • The climate crisis is devastating the world’s poorest countries.
  • President Biden pledged $11 billion in climate aid for Global South communities but it’s yet to be delivered.
  • We’ve joined forces with leading climate activists to push US lawmakers to act – share the video now!

Learn More about this cause:

The communities least responsible for the climate crisis are bearing the brunt of its devastating effects.

Last year, President Biden pledged to provide $11 billion dollars in climate aid to Global South countries. One year on, only a fraction of these funds have been mobilized – all while climate devastation continues to intensify.

To push lawmakers to act, Global Citizen has joined forces with leading Global South activists on a powerful video that demands action.

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