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Tell World Leaders: Provide Access to Sanitation for all


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Billions of people don’t have access to toilets or clean water to wash their hands and live healthy lives. As a result, communities suffer from disease and malnutrition, children miss out on school, and extreme poverty is preserved.

The United Nations and World Bank recognized the huge role toilets play in alleviating poverty. That’s why last year they formed the High Level Panel on Water to ensure that everyone can have access to clean water, a working toilet, and a more safe and healthy life.

While making sure everyone can use a toilet is crucial to ending the toilet crisis, it’s not the entire picture. Communities also need conventional sewage or fecal sludge management systems in place that treat the waste from their toilets. Without them, it could lead to disease and death through having contact with contaminated water.

The U.N. took a huge step towards fightings our world’s toilet troubles by forming the High Level Panel on Water. But, the panel and world leaders need to know that fecal sludge management must become a priority now if we want to end poverty.

The good news? The High Level Panel on Water has already committed itself to leading the global movement for water and sanitation. Let’s make sure they talk toilets, so that no one has to suffer from dirty water and environments contaminated by toilet waste.

Send a message calling on the High Level Panel on Water to talk toilets.