Rich Countries: It’s Time for Climate Reparations

Global South countries are being ravaged by climate disasters they've done little to cause – call on rich governments to end the injustice.

What to know:

  • Climate disasters are devastating the countries who’ve contributed the least to climate change.
  • The governments most responsible for the climate crisis have a duty to help poorer countries devastated by its impacts.
  • We need big emitters to step up for the world's poorest: tell rich countries to deliver urgent climate relief: email now!

Learn More about this cause:

Scorching heat waves in India. Devastating floods in Nigeria. Climate disasters are growing more frequent and severe – and it's the countries who’ve contributed the least to climate change who are being hit the hardest.

As these impacts intensify, many countries of the Global South have become financially overwhelmed. They’re calling for the creation of a loss and damage fund to provide urgent relief to communities ravaged by climate disasters. With every delay, the scale of loss and damage grows – but rich countries are refusing to provide the support that’s urgently needed. 

This is an injustice the world can’t ignore. Amidst the COP27 Climate Conference, we’re raising our voices to demand climate justice. Tell rich governments to set up a loss & damage fund for Global South communities on the frontlines of climate change: send an email!