Rise to the Challenge And Take Actions to Support Refugees in Our Week Long Action Challenge.


    This year for World Refugee Day, Global Citizen wants to challenge you to take an action a day for a week straight to support refugees everywhere. Every minute there are 24 people that are displaced from their homes, whether it’s due to conflict, natural disaster, climate change, or other circumstances.  The average refugee is displaced for 17 years — that's 17 years without fixed housing, education, health care or security and safety and generations growing up in displacement.

    Although many countries have done their part to help refugees and migrants there is still more to be done to help our neighbors, colleagues, and friends who have already lost so much.  The challenge is simple.  Starting June 14, 2017 you will receive an email a day with an action a day for seven days, until World Refugee Day. Once you complete the challenge you will have taken action to support refugees here and abroad.  As a Global Citizen you can join us and be a part of the largest social movement this World Refugee Day.