Online Abuse Threatens Kids’ Lives. But Do You Know How?

Technology can be a force for good in kids’ lives, but without proper regulation, it can also devastate a child’s future.

What to know:

  • Online sexual abuse and exploitation is increasing and ruins children’s futures — in rich and in poor countries.
  • From Britain and the United States to India and the Philippines, a soaring number of children are being exploited online.
  • Technology companies must put better enforcements in place to protect kids from abuse online.

Learn More about this cause:

Technology has transformed and affected the lives of billions of people across the planet, enabling better connectivity, transforming the way we learn and allowing access to knowledge and cultures to be at the tip of our fingertips  even in some of the world’s most remote locations. 

Technology has changed our world, and our children’s world, but the speed of its rise has also opened up space for new and dangerous practices to develop faster than regulation or society can keep up. In turn, this threatens children’s wellbeing.

From Britain and the United States, to India and the Philippines, a soaring number of people are being exploited, abused and trafficked online, and a large proportion of this includes the online sexual exploitation and abuse of children. 

These crimes against children are often streamed live over the internet to a paying audience and happen because both the audience and the perpetrators of abuse feel they can exploit kids online without consequences.

Now, Global Citizen is acting to shine a light on this issue and calling on companies to take greater responsibility for protecting children online. Want to inform yourself on the dangers children face from today’s online abuse industry? Take the quiz now.