Why Are Millions of Kids Missing School?

Millions of children are being forced out of school — but why? And what can be done?

What to know:

  • Across the world, millions of kids are missing out on an education because of conflict, disasters, or other crises.
  • Without access to education, kids are denied their futures. Every child should be able to go to school in safety.
  • Learn why kids facing conflict and crisis are missing out — and what can be done about it.

Learn More about this cause:

Education can make the single biggest difference to a child’s life. In times of conflict and crisis places of learning provide a space for children to process trauma, to make friends and rediscover they childhood, and to find renewed hope and the tools needed to pursue a brighter future. 

Today millions of kids are forced to lose out on education when disaster strikes, but just 2.2% of humanitarian relief goes to getting kids back into learning. The effect a lack of education can have on kids’ lives, especially those who have suffered the instability that conflict and crisis brings can be devastating.

Now, we want to shine a light on the children being left behind, the daily struggles they face, and the solutions needed to make sure no child is forced to miss out on the future they deserve.