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Will Your Senators Help Protect Foreign Aid?

Flickr Photo: Nana B Agyei

As Global Citizens, we know that where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live.

That’s why the US Government is one of the leading donors to programs that improve global health, increase access to water and sanitation, and get vulnerable kids into school and away from extremist groups.

Because of these investments, the number of people living in extreme poverty has more than halved since 1990. We are winning the battle against global poverty.

But, that could change.

In May, the White House recommended that funding for international affairs be cut by 32%. If the White House gets their way, real lives will be on the line next year.

It is clear that the world is best when America leads. Our investments abroad not only save lives but they also protect us from diseases, from terrorism, and from other threats. Aid builds economies and allows people to pull their families and their communities out of poverty. Forever.

We need your help this summer to call on congress to protect foreign aid. Tweet at your Senator now to encourage them to take action.