Act Today to Save Tomorrow

As world leaders meet in Davos, demand financial reform toward a more equitable world.

What to know:

  • We're at a critical juncture. Climate change and inequality are posing unprecedented challenges that require urgent action.
  • We demand urgent global financial reform to free up the funds needed to build a sustainable, equitable, and just world.
  • Together, we can push to create a world that works for all of us. As finance and global leaders meet in Davos, add your name.

Learn More about this cause:

Our world is at a critical juncture. The converging crises of climate change, hunger, and inequality are posing unprecedented challenges that demand urgent action. As these impacts worsen, it's becoming increasingly clear that the current financial system is not sustainable. We need global reform, and we need it now.

But despite the daunting nature of these challenges, we have the power to create a better world, one that is more just, equitable, and sustainable. And it starts with millions of us taking action to demand change.

We need to upgrade the outdated international finance system to free up the billions of dollars needed to address these crises. We need wealthy countries to increase their funding and to deliver on the promises they've made. We need a new global solidarity tax on the biggest carbon emitters to provide urgent support for those on the frontline of the climate crisis.

The numbers are staggering, with billions of people at risk of displacement, hunger, and increasing economic instability. But we can make a difference if we act now. We have the means to create a sustainable, equitable, and just world for everyone. 

By adding our voices and support for reform, we can push for change and demand action from world leaders and financial institutions.

Together, we can create a world that works for all of us. Sign the petition.