Call on Canada to pledge an additional $150 million to end polio


    ATTENTION Canadians ONLY

    Canadians - Sign the official E-Petition calling on the Government of Canada to pledge an additional $150 million towards the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI).

    This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday. While much has been achieved in 150 years, only one disease has been fully eradicated from the face of the planet: smallpox. Now the world is on the brink of eradicating polio, a historical opportunity that we cannot let slip away.

    To seize this moment, we need Canada to continue to support the final global push to eradicate polio by pledging an additional $150 million towards the GPEI.

    We need Canadians, like you, to show support by signing our official E-petition calling on the Government to pledge $150 million.

    This E-Petition is official and will be submitted to the Government of Canada, as such, only Canadian citizens are eligible to sign. Not Canadian, eh? No problem, we need you to show your support by sending a tweet .

    The global effort to wipe out this devastating disease has made tremendous strides. These efforts have led to polio being nearly eradicated globally. In 2016, fewer children than any year in history, were paralysed by polio, in the last remaining pockets of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

    However, while polio exists anywhere in our globalized world, it is a threat to children everywhere and efforts must continue to immunize more than 400 million children in over 60 at-risk countries.

    Take action now, tell the Government of Canada to pledge $150 million towards polio eradication.