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Water & Sanitation

Pledge Your Support for #WASH4Women


Girls and women spend a collective 200 million hours every day fetching water for their families. This is time they could otherwise be spending at school, earning an income, and thriving to their full potential.

The global water and sanitation crisis is a leading barrier to women’s empowerment and must be urgently addressed in order to achieve equality for girls and women everywhere.

Clean water and sanitation is a human right.  Yet in India, the 300 million women who lack access to toilets and must therefore defecate in public fields or bushes, are twice as likely to experience rape. In Nepal, where menstruation is highly stigmatized, girls are often forcibly isolated in “menstruation huts” for the duration of their periods, which exposes them to the dangers of animals and environmental conditions, and can be fatal for girls.

Tell world leaders that you support a world in which every girl and woman can access clean water, sanitation and hygiene, and thrive to her full potential.