Raise Your Voice on Crises in Africa

The most under-reported humanitarian crises are in Africa. It’s time for the world to take notice.

What to know:

  • All ten of the world’s most under-reported humanitarian crises are on the African continent.
  • Public awareness holds leaders accountable and helps humanitarian aid reach those most in need.
  • We must all ensure the voices and stories of those in need are heard – Sign the pledge to break the silence.

Learn More about this cause:

Climate change, ongoing conflict, rising hunger. All three are causing an increase in humanitarian emergencies, but those most in need receive the least media attention. Nowhere are these crises more ignored by the global press than on the African continent. 

Last year, there were almost 100 times more news articles written about the Chris Rock/Will Smith incident at the Oscars ceremony, than the damaging cyclones in Malawi, the severe drought in Angola or the increasing poverty in Zambia affecting millions of lives. 

These humanitarian crises are often deliberately ignored because they aren’t rated as “compelling” by news stations that instead prioritize easy-to-explain stories assumed to resonate with their target audiences.

But If we all adopt this mentality, the voices of those most in need will not be amplified, their stories of  suffering communities will remain unheard, humanitarian aid will not reach those who need it most, and leaders will not be held accountable to end major crises. 

We must all take responsibility for the content we consume and amplify. So from today, pledge to not ignore the humanitarian crisis but ensure the voices and stories of those in need are heard.