Want To Minimise Your Impact on The Environment – Pledge to Become a Food Champion

Our environment is under threat, and we can help by taking steps to minimise our impact.

What to know:

  • Climate change is threatening the world's food supply as farmers are struggling to grow the food we need.
  • Supporting farmers to adapt to climate change is key but we can also take steps to minimise our impact.
  • Join our challenge to become a food champion – learn about some simple techniques then pledge to take one on.

Learn More about this cause:

Climate change is ravaging our food systems worldwide and farmers on the frontline of the crisis. To ensure everyone has access to healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly food will require radical transformation.

Over the past year, together with Ban Ki-moon Centre we have called on world leaders to step up for farmers so they can acquire climate-smart techniques to tackle the climate challenge and continue feeding the world. But we also need to hold ourselves accountable by making better food choices which minimise the impact on the environment. 

There are simple techniques we can incorporate in our lives to become food champions:

  • Buying food that is locally grown from local farmers
  • Starting a garden or growing a little bit of your own food
  • Becoming an advocate for sustainable food and agriculture

There is no better time than the beginning of the year to start something new. So join our challenge and commit to at least one of the above. We’d love to check in with you a few weeks from now to find out how it's going! 

Keep taking action with us and support smallholder farmers in your way.