Big Pharma: Support Africa’s COVID-19 Vaccine Production Now!

Big Pharma: Support Africa’s Vaccine Production Now!

What to know:

  • African countries have some of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the world due to low supply and inequitable access.
  • Now, Africa is coming together to produce its own mRNA vaccines, but big pharma is refusing to join the initiative.
  • Help send thousands of emails to big pharma directors urging them to put people over profit and support Africa’s vaccine hub.

Learn More about this cause:

Africa imports about 99% of its vaccines — and its populations are some of the least immunized against coronavirus in the world.  

Unfair access to the limited supply of vaccines being produced by only a handful of pharma companies is delaying any chance of ending the pandemic. Now, a new initiative is underway to accelerate development of a made-in-Africa mRNA COVID-19 vaccine to protect Africa’s population, but big pharma refuses to join and share their technology, which would supercharge the effort.

The tech-transfer hub would let multiple companies share knowledge and build capacity in the production of mRNA vaccines from start to finish. The World Health Organization is supporting it, and French President Emmanuel Macron has given his stamp of approval.

To unleash Africa’s potential and produce the vaccines in the shortest possible time frame, the hub needs the support of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine producers Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna. But driven by the promise of huge profits, they want to keep any information about their vaccines under lock and key, threatening the health of millions.  

Help send a wave of thousands of emails to the directors of Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna urging them to put people over profit and support Africa’s mRNA vaccine hub — email now.