Call on the United States Government to increase access to education for all children


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    All children deserve an equal and quality education.

    In the last decade, global efforts have helped get tens of millions more kids into school, but there’s still much to do. In 2017, a quarter of a billion children and young people are not in school. And more than half of these children are girls.

    Investing in quality education is essential in ensuring that all children have access to skill sets to lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of extreme poverty. In school, kids develop the skills that they need to build a better future. A child whose mother can read is 50% more likely to live past age 5, and each year a child receives schooling, their earning potential increases by as much as 10%.

    The world’s poorest countries have stepped up their efforts, and are meeting more than 80% of the cost of getting their kids into school. They need our help to get the last little bit.

    That is why we are calling on the United States government step up its efforts in two ways:

    1. Adopt the Reinforcing Education Accountability in Education Act;

    2. Increase funding to the Global Partnership for Education to $125 million a year and bilateral funding to basic education to $925 million a year.

    The United States government is starting to put together the budget for 2018 right now. With your petition signature, we’ll work with partners to go direct to the key decision-makers to get a significant new commitment to see millions more kids in school.