Commonwealth Leaders: Do Your Part to Achieve the Global Goals

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    The collective voices of youth are critical to hold world leaders accountable to achieving the Global Goals and a world without extreme poverty by 2030.  Young people are active drivers of change in their local communities and have the power to transform our world.

    Young changemakers like Aristarick Joseph, co-founder of Youth for Change Tanzania, who is lobbying his government to #LeveltheLaw by amending the 1971 Law of Marriage Act that allows girls as young as 14 to be married with parental consent or a court order. Through his work with Youth for Change, Aristarick knows firsthand the importance of engaging his peers to share their unique insights, experiences and recommendations on issues that directly affect their lives. He continues to urge young Tanzanians to stand together so that their sisters and daughters are not married young, but rather have the opportunity to go to school, pursue their dreams and marry when they want.

    And from Pakistan, one of the three remaining countries afflicted by polio, Sufi is a health worker who goes door-to-door in Peshawar vaccinating children in her community against this deadly disease. There are days where she feels like quitting, but she doesn’t give up. She sees her fight to keep Pakistani children polio-free as her national duty. Along with other female health workers, she is delivering vaccines to hundreds of kids in her community.

    Continued efforts by Global Citizens like Sufi and Aristarick are essential to ensure their governments - both of which are Commonwealth countries - stay true to their promises and do their fair share to achieve the Global Goals.

    The Commonwealth, a network which represents 2.2 billion people across 52 nations, promotes values of human rights, equality and international cooperation. And with 60% of the Commonwealth population under the age of 30, change will only be possible through the individual actions of young people around the world.

    Sign and share the petition urging the Commonwealth, and countries like Tanzania and Pakistan, to deliver on the Global Goals by leveling the law and ending polio for good.