Norway: Stay A Development Champion

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What to know:

  • Norway has been a long-time champion of aid to tackle humanitarian disasters, defeat diseases, and more.
  • The world faces increased conflict, disaster, and climate crises, but Norway has decided to cut this essential support.
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“We live in a time marked by war, climate change and the aftermath of a pandemic, and millions of children are suffering all over the world. Today is not the time for the Norwegian government to cut their ambitions in development aid and humanitarian assistance”, Birgitte Lange, Secretary General of Save the Children Norway.

The Norwegian Government has been a long-time champion of development aid.  Norway has been consistently among the top 5 most important donors since reaching the UN target of 0.7% ODA/ GNI in 1976 and has been a strong partner in the fight against poverty, inequality, and disease. 

Norway’s new aid cuts put the world at risk. Although Norway is making additional profits  due to higher gas prices (equivalent to 40 Norwegian aid budgets), they are 1,4 billion away from reaching their long-time tradition of giving 1 % of GNI to aid, at a time in history when the world needs them most. Also, thousands of children are set to suffer from the proposed cuts of 25 million USD to global education support alone. The move also sets a dangerous precedent for other wealthy nations to lower ambitions during a time of urgent global need. 

Let’s be loud together! The future of a whole generation depends on the world acting together. Norway has been an historic aid leader and champion for a fairer, more equal world. As Global Citizens we’re calling on the Norwegian government to not turn its back on these principles and to protect the 1% aid budget .

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