Debunking Some Coronavirus Myths

There is a surge of misinformation. Take this quiz to find out how much of it you believed.

What to know:

  • The coronavirus is a global pandemic affecting over 170 countries.
  • There is misleading information being shared which can be as dangerous as the virus.
  • Take this quiz to ensure you are equipped to not fall for these myths.

Learn More about this cause:

Let us face it, everyone is concerned about COVID-19. The world has stopped to pay attention to this global pandemic –– nations have imposed travel restrictions, global markets have crashed and the number of cases increases daily. 

Healthcare professionals, local communities and everyone on the front lines have been working to contain this virus. There is still so much uncertainty surrounding it but precautionary measures have been outlined to help protect ourselves and avoid spreading it. As this information has been shared across the world, so has the spread of misleading information.

Do you understand why shelves in supermarkets have been wiped clean? Or why toilet paper has become a sought after commodity?

It is clear that we’re all unsettled and nervous about the near future — but we want to help. Take this quiz and ensure you are equipped to not fall for the myths about coronavirus.