Do You Believe It’s Time to #ActForEqual? Tell Us Why!

Achieving Gender Equality can benefit all of us — tell us why it matters to you with a video message.

What to know:

  • Women and girls continue to face inequality around the world, but the future can be better if we demand change now.
  • Your voice matters and it could help billions worldwide — tell us why we must #ActForEqual.
  • Leave a short video message today and add your voice to our campaign for transformative change.

Learn More about this cause:

The Generation Equality Forum (GEF) is happening this June, convened by UN Women and co-hosted by the governments of France and Mexico. World Leaders and decision makers will meet to agree a vision for the future that puts gender equality at the centre.  

We have a chance now to push our leaders to make the BIGGEST, BOLDEST and MOST TRANSFORMATIVE commitments to gender equality ever, but they need to hear why it’s time to #ActForEqual from Global Citizens like you.  

Send us a short, informal video message following the instructions below. We want to hear your real voice! (You can even do it from your phone). Your message may be included in a Global Citizen video!

How to Record Your Video:

- Find a quiet location where your face is well-lit.
- Use your computer or phone to record the video.
- Make sure the video is horizontal/landscape and not portrait.
- Record a short submission - no more than 30 seconds max!
- Save your video.
- On this page click 'Choose a File', select your video, then click 'Submit'!

Video script:

Complete the following phrase in your words:

It’s time to #ActForEqual because…..

Your submission can be about:

- Yourself or people in your life (ex. “Because I deserve equal pay for equal work”)
- Your community (ex. “because the girls in my community have the right to access education”)
- Your vision for the future (ex. “Because women’s rights are human rights”)”
Be as bold, honest and creative as you can be!

Top Tip: Don’t worry if you mess up! We can select the answers we need so just keep recording to get everything you want in one video — it doesn’t matter if there are mistakes or gaps!

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