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Menstruation Shouldn’t Be Stigmatized


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Some of the biggest factors inhibiting access to menstrual hygiene are stigmas, taboos, and lack of education for girls and boys around the world about menstruation.

For example, did you know only about half of the girls in India know about menstruation before they get their first period? And in Ethiopia, 2 out of 3 girls do not receive education about menstruation at school?

This lack of education around menstruation leads to further stigmatization that inhibits healthy and sanitary practices. Join us in helping to lift the stigma around menstruation and menstrual hygiene products by saying #BooToTaboo. This includes bringing boys and men into the conversation to create normalcy and foster a supportive environment for girls, women, and all menstruators.


Tweet a photo of yourself with a menstrual hygiene product to say #BooToTaboo.

1. Submit your Twitter handle.

2. Take a picture of yourself with a menstrual hygiene product.

3. Upload the picture to Twitter and share with your followers with caption and hashtags: I’m not embarrassed to talk about a bloody nose, so why would I be embarrassed to talk about periods? #ItsBloodyTime we say #BooToTaboo

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