It’s a fact: everyone wins when girls and women access a full education. Educated girls and women are shown to have better maternal health and they are better equipped to raise healthier and more educated children. And when a country increases its number of women educated through the second grade by 1%, it also raises its annual per capita economic growth by 0.3%. 

But girls all around the world are dropping out of school because they lack the ability to manage their periods in safety and with dignity. To prevent girls from dropping out of school due to inadequate menstrual hygiene management, communities need education about behavior change, menstrual hygiene products, and safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities for girls.

This is why we have formed the Menstrual Hygiene Alliance, to pledge its commitment to prioritize menstrual hygiene management all year round. Through the Alliance, we can galvanize action for menstrual hygiene management from governments, businesses, institutions, and individuals, and help ensure girls can access a full education.

By 2030, the Alliance wants menstrual hygiene to be a normal part of life that does not hold women and girls back in any way.

#ItsBloodyTime we make menstrual health a priority and get the job done. 

Take action now to sign your name in support of the Global Menstrual Hygiene Alliance to ensure every girl and menstruator has access to menstrual hygiene management by 2030.