Get Lifesaving Medical Support to Ukraine

Help urge companies to donate life-saving medical supplies to Ukraine.

What to know:

  • Ukraine’s medical supplies are falling dangerously low.
  • We’re partnering with organizations on the ground to gather urgent medical donations.
  • Amplify our call – email companies to donate lifesaving medical supplies to Ukraine.

Learn More about this cause:

 ‘We have our work to do as doctors and we must be strong, for our family and for our colleagues”.

Elizaveta Plechistaya is barely sleeping, working in a hospital with blacked out windows, and taking shelter when air raid sirens sound.

​​But the hospital where she and her husband work is short of insulin, morphine, and bandages, and has to deal with intermittent power outages. 

Every day, Ukraine’s supplies of urgently needed medical equipment dwindle lower. 

We’re joining forces with Direct Relief and International Medical Corps in an urgent appeal to international companies to donate lifesaving medical support to the people of Ukraine.

Help amplify our call – send an urgent email to Invacare, World Precision Instruments, Stryker, Fresenius Medical Care and Air Liquide to donate supplies now.