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Water & Sanitation

Urge Governments And Businesses To Invest In Clean Water And Toilets


Access to reliable, sustainable water and sanitation services is essential for health, dignity and for economies to grow. We all need clean water and land to produce safe food and to live healthy, productive lives.  

 Without safe water and toilets, children are at far greater risk of poverty, sickness and death from preventable illnesses. In fact, every single day, over 1,000 children die from diarrhea because of poor sanitation and dirty water. Lack of access to safe toilets is a major reason that girls in poor communities drop out of school, especially after they reach puberty. In many poor communities, women and girls spend hours fetching water, limiting the time they can spend studying or working. Lack of access to water and sanitation keeps people in poverty, and puts lives at risk every day.

The Global Investment Fund for Water presents us all with a new opportunity to end the water and toilet crisis in developing countries. We want to see governments, bottled water producers and retailers support this initiative and as consumers we want you to support it too!

Take action by calling on governments and businesses around the world to commit to the Global Investment Fund for Water. Your voice can help save countless lives, support sustainability and a stronger global economy, and ensure a better tomorrow.