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    Tweet at Influential Companies to #BuyWomenOwned

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    Of the trillions of dollars spent by large corporations and governments on suppliers every year, only 1% goes to women suppliers globally. Millions of women-owned businesses are poised to enter global value chains; they just need the opportunity to do so.

    Empowering women to start and grow businesses leads to job creation, economic development, and healthier, better-educated and more sustainable communities. The more women-owned businesses there are in a country, the more that country can grow and prosper.

    WEConnect International is doing just that: leading a global movement of consciousness to buy more from women-owned businesses.  As Global Citizens, let’s call on WEConnect International Corporate Members to each source $100M more in products and services from women-owned businesses, especially in developing countries.

    Together we can give women entrepreneurs around the world a fair chance to make a living and pull themselves and their communities out of poverty.