Why Protecting Indigenous Communities Can Help Save The Planet

Indigenous knowledge is critical for our planet – here’s why we need to support these communities.

What to know:

  • Indigenous peoples safeguard most of the world's biodiversity yet account for 19% of those in extreme poverty.
  • They hold traditional knowledge on how to adapt, mitigate and protect lands while reducing climate risks.
  • Test your knowledge on indigenous communities and why we need to learn from them.

Learn More about this cause:

For thousands of years, indigenous communities have protected their lands, respected wildlife, produced sustainable foods while using the earth's resources carefully.  

Today, they are critical guardians of a majority of the world’s remaining biodiversity which the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat and the health of our environment relies on. 

As the world scrambles to reduce the impacts of the climate crisis which has increased food insecurity around the world, we cannot forget this community which uses rich knowledge passed down through generations to help save the earth. 

These communities often face discrimination, have been stripped off their ancestral lands, are often denied the opportunity to express their culture causing them to lose their identity and leaving populations facing extinction. We can’t allow this to happen as they hold invaluable knowledge for our changing planet. 

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about indigenous peoples and how much we all can learn from them.