UK: Increase Humanitarian Aid

International aid is more important than ever as crisis looms.

What to know:

  • As the crisis in Ukraine continues, looming famine and the climate crisis threaten millions globally.
  • But the UK government wants to take aid from Yemen and other emergencies to help Ukraine. This isn't ok.
  • Tweet Rishi Sunak to stop pitting one humanitarian crisis against another and restore the UK’s aid budget.

Learn More about this cause:

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, with looming famine and the effects of the pandemic still being felt, now more than ever it is important that the UK government restores the international aid budget.

It is estimated that over 850 million people, mostly women, and children are facing severe hunger. Since the conflict in Ukraine, the cost of grain around the world has risen by 80%.

Between war, famine, the Covid-19 pandemic, and climate change, there are a number of crises that are in desperate need of aid as the poorest are being pushed further and further into extreme poverty and shadowed from the help they need. 

The British public has shown immense solidarity with Ukrainians, but it is critical that the government doesn’t pit one humanitarian crisis against another.

Diverting aid money from the world's poorest is robbing “Peter to pay Paul”. Urge Rishi Sunak to restore the international aid budget.