How Does COVID-19 Affect the World’s Most Vulnerable People?

Find out how the pandemic could affect those already living in extreme poverty.

What to know:

  • Coronavirus is spreading across the globe and poses the biggest threat to those in extreme poverty.
  • From women, to children, to those without adequate sanitation, to refugee populations — millions are at risk.
  • Find out what a COVID-19 pandemic means for some of the world’s poorest people — take the quiz.

Learn More about this cause:

For many across the world, COVID-19 has disrupted life as never before. For some of us it means being isolated alone at home, for others loss of jobs, of loved ones, or serious fears for our own safety. Across the world healthcare systems are under strain and frontline workers are putting themselves at enormous risk.

But what does this pandemic mean for those already living life on the edge? For the millions facing extreme poverty, fleeing conflict or humanitarian disasters, or even at risk from others in their own homes, the direct and knock-on effects of COVID-19 could be catastrophic. 

COVID-19 is a disease that transcends borders or wealth — and to tackle it properly, we need to look out for everyone. Global Citizen is working tirelessly to highlight the hidden threats this pandemic poses and ensure no-one gets left behind.

Find out what COVID-19 means for some of the world’s most vulnerable people — take the quiz.