Every person on earth deserves access to hearing health care

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    Every person deserves access to hearing health care. With your help, Global Citizens, this campaign can raise awareness of hearing loss prevention, increase innovation in hearing accessibility, and change the conversation about hearing health around the world.

    Issues surrounding hearing health are still pushed under the rug and shamed globally, perpetuating a deeply rooted social stigma, but better access to hearing health care is a very solvable problem. Education about the risk factors for hearing loss can improve. We can advocate for legislative change that creates opportunities for people with hearing loss to have access to affordable solutions for their condition. We can bolster efforts to bring basic health care to people living in third world countries so that conditions that cause hearing loss can be prevented.

    Let’s ensure that everyone is informed about the risks of hearing loss and has access to hearing health care.

    Tweet #HereTogether to support millions of people around the world struggling with hearing loss.