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Global Citizen believes that achieving each of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 relies on the education of young people, especially girls.

With over 130 million girls around the world currently out of school, funding has yet to reach all those who need it. The case for investment in SDG 4 on education has been made and we must call on governments and the private sector to support organizations like the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) which supports girls in over  their 89 of the poorest countries to get an education.

As Julia Gillard emphasized, educating girls is critical to achieving each and every sustainable development goal, including climate change, health, economic growth, peace and security.

When girls are educated, they tend to have children later in life and raise healthier families. Nearly 15 percent of the reductions in infant mortality from 1970 to 2010 and one-third of the reductions in adult mortality and can be attributed to higher rates of female schooling.

Communities as a whole have a stronger workforce when girls and boys are educated equally, leading to economic growth. For every dollar invested in an additional year of schooling, particularly for girls, there is an earnings return of $10 in low-income countries and nearly $4 in lower-middle income countries. Stable communities are also less likely to be faced with conflict and violence.

In conflict zones, girls are disproportionately at risk if not educated. Girls will be the majority of those who lose out on education in conflict zones, according to the UN Special Envoy for Education Gordon Brown. Disturbing new statistics show rates of child marriage among refugee girls doubling from 12% to 26% in places like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

That is why girls’ education and gender equality is central to GPE’s vision of improved learning and equity for all and the achievement of the SDGs. But we need to ensure governments continue to fund and support girls’ education and programs and fund GPE so that it gets to its target of $3.1 billion between 2018 and 2020 to support girls’ education for over 870 million girls and boys.

Girls’ Education is the key and we need your help to remind our leaders of this if we hope to see positive changes in global warming, the global economy, global health and equality by 2030.