Thank our most powerful leaders for supporting education at the G20

    Global Citizen CEO, Hugh Evans, Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, Julia Gillard and Clara Lionel Foundation founder, Rihanna, speak to young mothers who dropped out of school in Muzu Village, Malawi about the value of education. Photo Credit: Evan Rogers

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    264 million children and youth are currently out of school. This is an urgent issue that Global Citizens and Rihanna brought to the attention of our most powerful world leaders just two weeks ago.

    And we are pleased to say that these leaders, the G20, listened! Directly after Global Citizen's festival in Hamburg last week, the 20 most powerful leaders in the world met to talk about the world’s most pressing issues.  Thanks to a twitterstorm from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE)’s Ambassador Rihanna, her Navy and global citizens, education was at the top of their list.

    During and in the lead-up to the festival, a range of world and corporate leaders, advocates and celebrities told governements why educating every child could make the world more healthy, prosperous and safe and asked them to support and increase funding to the GPE, Education Cannot Wait and create a new innovative finanacing facility for Education (IFFed).

    Thanks to this wave of action and public outcry, the G20 Leader's Statement, the official document that captures the G20’s promises and agenda for the coming year, included a commitment by G20 leaders on education and referred to all of the mechanisms Global Citizens have been campaigining for:

    We note the UN Secretary-General´s proposal to establish an International Finance Facility for education taking into account other existing initiatives, such as the Global Partnership for Education and Education Cannot Wait, and look forward to examining it in further detail under Argentina’s Presidency with a view to making recommendations on it. 

    This mention of education by G20 leaders is unprecedented and the first indication that education is a priority for them, particularly for Argentina as the incoming G20 host.  

    BD_Credit_Jorg_Modrow_For_Global_Citizen_001.jpgPresident Macri of Argentina joined Prime Minister Solberg, Chair of the Education Commission Gordon Brown and Chair of GPE, Julia Gillard to speak out in support of Education at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg.

    The first sign that they are living up to their promises will be how much they now invest in multilateral organisations like GPE at its next replenishment.

    For now, join us to thank G20 leaders for showing us they care about education and putting it on their agenda last week.

    Take action now and tweet to thank G20 leaders for including education and GPE in the G20 communique.