Life through a global lens

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    Imagine if everyone had the chance to travel after high school. Imagine if eighteen year-olds across the world stretched their minds with new experiences and journeyed past their personal and geographical borders.

    What would they discover by taking their education into their own hands? How would traveling shape their view of what the world needs? How would they see and lead differently ten, twenty, and thirty years down the line?

    Now stop imagining. The opportunity exists. It's called a Global Citizen Year.

    Each year Global Citizen Year sends high school graduates, or Fellows, to Ecuador, India, Brazil and Senegal. These Fellows work in education, health and the environment and learn alongside experts in a real-world classroom. It's a year of cultural immersion, adventure, and personal growth. The Fellows' global experiences heighten their awareness of the world's most pressing issues. It is with new eyes, insight, and purpose that they return to their communities and colleges, reinvigorated and ready to go.

    Global Citizen Year Fellows are exactly the kind of global citizens this world needs. And with 863 million people living in extreme poverty-- a number halved from 1.9 billion in 1990-- for the first time, this generation has the opportunity to make the ambitious goal of ending poverty by 2030 a reality. 

    Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts: How has travel shaped your view of what the world needs?

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