263 Million Children Need Help Getting In The Classroom

Tell the US government to increase funding for basic education and give children the opportunity to succeed

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The United States has an opportunity to become a leader in providing sustainable support to people suffering through the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time.

Education not only provides long-term opportunities to uplift people out of poverty, but creates a positive and constructive outlet for those escaping their destroyed homelands. It can build a sense of purpose for the 75 million children whose lives are threatened by conflict and the 263 million kids still not in school. Investing in education increases resiliency of vulnerable children in conflict areas and is both a cheaper and safer solution to impending national security threats.

Even though the benefits of education are clear, less than 2% of humanitarian aid is spent on education. Education promotes economic development, engaged citizens, and healthier communities. Children in conflict areas miss out on critical opportunities and continue to be stuck in an endless cycle of poverty.

There is still a funding gap of $39 billion to ensure every child has access to school. Tell your representative in Congress to support $925 million in global basic education and $125 million for the Global Partnership for Education which helps to improve educational needs in conflict areas.