G20 Nations: Act Now for People and Planet

Millions are suffering the effects of the climate crisis. Email the countries most responsible to take action.

What to know:

  • The nations most responsible for climate change are failing to address its effects – all at the expense of the world's poor.
  • G20 governments vowed to reduce emissions and increase global climate aid but they haven't put their words into action.
  • Send an email demanding action for the planet and the world's poor!

Learn More about this cause:

From scorching heat waves to catastrophic floods, the climate crisis is making life unbearable for millions in the Global South. Unlike the world’s richest countries, most nations are without the resources needed to mitigate and adapt to its effects.

To address the crisis with the urgency it requires, we need the governments most responsible for climate change to step up their action, and fast.

The world's richest countries continue to rely on planet-killing energy sources like coal. To deliver for the planet, we need them to stop subsidizing fossil fuel projects before 2025 and phase out coal by the end of the decade.

Wealthy governments also failed to deliver on their promise to help poorer nations tackle climate change – a 100 billion pledge that’s two years behind schedule. To deliver for the world’s poor, we need them to urgently close this funding gap, and double down on their efforts to help climate-vulnerable communities adapt to our warming world.

Global Citizens have an opportunity for action: send an email calling on them to deliver for the planet and the world’s poor!