President Biden: Don't Break Your Climate Promise

US lawmakers are considering long-overdue support for countries on the front lines of climate change – tell the White House to make sure they deliver.

What to know:

  • In 2021, President Biden promised $11 billion in climate support for developing countries affected by the climate crisis.
  • Congress gets to decide whether or not to approve this critical funding – and time is running out to act.
  • We can't let the US abandon global climate action – tell the Biden Administration to push Congress to deliver: send an email!

Learn More about this cause:

As a major emitter and economic superpower, the US has a responsibility to help the world address the impacts of climate change.

President Biden pledged to make this issue a priority. Almost two years ago, he promised to provide $11 billion in programs to support climate-vulnerable communities.

But there’s an issue. Congress has the final say on what’s included in the federal budget, and they have not yet approved Biden’s funding commitment.

When it comes to the planet, none of us can afford to sit on the sidelines. Call on President Biden and White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients to push Congress to approve this critical funding: send an email!