Why Do You Stand #ForNature?

Healthy ecosystems can help keep us safe and healthy — why are they important to you?

What to know:

  • Wildlife is being decimated at an alarming rate — it took humans just 50 years to eradicate 68% of spined-animals.
  • Every second, more than one hectare of tropical forest is destroyed or drastically degraded by human activity.
  • But nature prevents flooding, gives us medicine and prevents climate change — tell everyone why it matters to you.

Learn More about this cause:

Nature plays a massive role in all of our lives. Billions of people, more than 70% among those living in poverty, depend on natural resources to earn their livelihoods, and over half of global gross domestic product is dependent on nature.

And right now, the destruction of nature could be one of the main causes of the pandemic we find ourselves in — experts say that it can be tied back to habitat loss which has forced humans to live closer to carriers of coronaviruses like bats and pangolins.

Plants and animals in our wild spaces are intricately linked to our wellbeing. Keeping nature protected can help prevent climate change, a crisis that could imperil our species. Pollinators, like bees, are needed for crops to grow, mangrove forests and coral reefs can prevent flooding, and wetlands help purify drinking water. Our wild spaces are also home to indigenous communities, many of whom are diligent protectors of their lands and water, and important medications can be linked directly back to nature.

We rely on nature in so many facets of our lives. Tell the world why you stand #ForNature.