Protect children fleeing persecution and conflict

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    You have to understand, that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land ”- the words of British Somalian poet Warsan Shire are shockingly obvious. Nonetheless, EU countries persist with  their migration policy which forces  children to embark on the dangerous journey over the Mediterranean in order to reach Europe.  

    This year alone more than 1,000 people have drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean. We need legal pathways such as family reunification and humanitarian visas to make sure the devastating numbers won’t rise any further. Especially unaccompanied children need protection and our support to flee from countries where they are being persecuted and abused, or surrounded by conflict.

    Working with countries such as Libya where the security situation is very complex is an additional challenge. 28 million children are currently fleeing their home country - but without our support they will not make it. Send a tweet now calling on the German government to use its leadership so refugees receive access to safe and legal pathways.