Global Hunger is Increasing. Ask World Leaders to Step Up!

Join Idris Elba and Sabrina Elba in calling on governments to fight rising hunger by investing more in farmers.

What to know:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting food production and impacting rural farmers in the most vulnerable countries.
  • Every person should have access to good food but climate change threatens to reverse gains made in the fight to end hunger.
  • By supporting IFAD, world leaders can ensure this health crisis doesn’t escalate into a bigger food crisis.

Learn More about this cause:

Before COVID-19 swept across communities, we were in the midst of a climate and hunger crisis. Millions of people were going to bed hungry every night –– lacking regular access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food. 

The pandemic has made this stark scenario even worse. Families and farmers living in rural communities, in some of the most vulnerable countries, are struggling to grow enough food and can’t afford to buy what is available. There are still climate shocks threatening food supplies and much of Africa is emerging from its worst drought in years. These conditions threaten to cause a food crisis for millions of people –– making recovery from the pandemic even more precarious.

Farmers in rural communities stand on the front-lines of this crisis and need our support. 

Funding will help the world’s most vulnerable farming communities in rural areas remain resilient. We are calling on world leaders to step up and fight hunger, to ensure that this health crisis does not transform into a global hunger crisis.

By investing in agriculture and farmers, governments and donors around the world can help establish food security, increase social stability, and protect the environment from further damage. 

Sign our petition now! Help us call on world leaders to invest more in agriculture so farmers can grow more food, end hunger and give them a better chance to emerge from this pandemic unscathed.