To World Leaders: Step Up Against Hunger, Invest in Agriculture

Hunger is rising and leaders need to step up their investments in agriculture — add your name.

What to know:

  • Conflict, climate change and the global pandemic have increased global hunger.
  • G20 leaders recognise that urgent funding is needed in the agricultural sector but we need them to lead by example.
  • Sign this petition - call on world leaders to invest in IFAD and help over 100 million farmers escape poverty.

Learn More about this cause:

Farmers in rural communities stand on the front-lines of this crisis and need our support. 

The G20 Ministers have recently adopted a declaration which highlights the need for financing to be accessible in order to build sustainable and resilient food systems to tackle rising hunger. But we need them to prove their commitment and lead by example. 

The International Fund for Agricultural Development has empowered millions of people in rural farming communities to ensure they can grow more food, learn new skills, create more jobs and end the cycle of poverty – but they need urgent funding to continue this impact and reach their target of 100 million smallholder farmers. 

Sign the petition — help us call on world leaders to step up their investments in agriculture.