Food & Hunger

    Urge World Leaders to End Hunger and Malnutrition


    20 million people around the world are on the brink of famine and millions more do not know where their next meal is coming from. Their future depends on them getting the nutritious food they need to be healthy and happy.

    The number of people suffering from extreme hunger isn’t going down; it’s rising every day. In a world with so much, how can that be? What can we do?

    Urge world leaders to take action to end hunger and malnutrition for all. Stop the number of hungry people in the world rising any more.

    The UN needs $5 billion to respond to the famines affecting four countries - Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia  and Yemen. The money is slowly coming in but more is urgently needed.

    Some governments have responded generously, but some could do much more. We are calling on France, Ireland, Japan, and the European Commission to attend the Global Citizen Festival this September and pledge lifesaving funds to the famine appeal.

    Join us and take action. Call on world leaders to stop famine and end hunger and malnutrition.