European Countries: Share your SDR Funding to Fight Climate Change and End Extreme Poverty

SDR funding could help fight the impacts of climate change and help end extreme poverty if these countries pledge to act.

What to know:

  • Wealthy nations received billions of dollars from the IMF in extra COVID-19 help while poorer countries suffered.
  • Some leaders have pledged to reallocate their funding to help fight climate change and tackle poverty in countries that need
  • Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden haven’t pledged anything so far. Help change that!

Learn More about this cause:

During the pandemic, wealthy countries received billions of dollars in support inaccessible to poorer nations.

Our global system allowed the International Monetary Fund to dispense extra money to rich countries but not lower-income ones. It has been slammed around the world as unfair. 

Everyone agrees the money needs to be shared. The UN has called for just 25% of those extra funds to go to lower-income countries in severe need. But over two years later, many European countries haven’t shared a dime. 

Now, we’re upping the pressure. Ninety million people have been pushed into extreme poverty due to the pandemic. There’s no excuse for Europe’s inaction. 

Help hold European leaders of Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden accountable by sharing this powerful tweet urging them to share funding fast!