Join the Fight for a Fairer World: Take the Equity Pledge

A fairer and more just world starts at home. Take the pledge today!

What to know:

  • Our world just doesn’t work for too many people. Our global recovery is a chance to do better.
  • By informing ourselves about inequities in our societies, we can better acknowledge it and take steps to change it.
  • We need a fairer world. Your voice can make a difference.

Learn More about this cause:

For so many people, the world just doesn’t work: plain and simple.

Before the pandemic, more than 1.5 billion people had a justice problem they could not solve: from grave human rights violations, including the nearly 12 million stateless people worldwide and the 40 million people trapped in modern slavery; to more pervasive injustices that hundreds of millions of people face daily due to unfair policies, lack of access to services, and discriminatory behaviors.

We are only just starting to see the deep social and economic impacts that this pandemic will have, but we know that even more people than before are having to make difficult choices and facing challenges to their dignity and rights on a daily basis.

Our world is a collective endeavour and if we are to succeed in our collective wish to eliminate extreme poverty and protect the planet, we have to maximize the opportunity for every individual to contribute.

As we start to emerge from this pandemic, we have an opportunity to do things differently. World leaders are debating now how best to respond to this pandemic, prepare for the next one and ensure our societies can flourish.  We can help them make the right choices by telling them to prioritise fairness, inclusivity and justice in their response.

Real change starts with the individual. Take the pledge, take it to heart and then join us in taking action — pledge now.