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130 million girls are not in school. This must change.

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Every girl should control her own future and make her own choices about her health, family and career.

But the reality is that gender inequality starts early in a girl’s life. And all too often, the effects last a lifetime.  If girls never receive a quality education, they can’t earn enough to provide for themselves and their families and achieve financial independence.

Roughly 130 million girls around the world are currently out of school. We cannot achieve gender equality if girls are one and a half times less likely to complete a secondary education than boys.

Creating a more equal future starts with school.

On July 7th, the UK government in partnership with Global Citizen + CHIME FOR CHANGE co-hosted the Girls’ Education Forum. In the lead up to the event Global Citizens took almost 100,000 actions to rally key decision-makers to agree on a concrete plan to ensure that every girl has access to quality education.

On that day over 20 organizations and governments, including the UK, US, Norway, Canada, South Sudan, Tanzania and Afghanistan, signed up to support the new Statement of Action for girls’ education. Through this plan we can ensure that every girl can go to school and learn.

But this is only the beginning. Now we need more governments to sign up and to make concrete political and financial commitments in support of the Statement of Action. 

Join us in calling on other world leaders and business leaders to sign up to a plan that will ensure no girl is left behind.


Global Citizen Festival 2016

The festival is back for its fifth year! Global Citizens have a chance to win tickets by taking action to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. You can choose from a range of actions that earn you points. Once you earn enough points, you can enter the draw for festival tickets. Every two weeks we will launch a new campaign with a different challenge for Global Citizens—and a chance to win. (Redeeming previous points will not qualify you for the draw.)

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