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3 billion people across the globe — that’s 40% of the world's population — still rely on polluting and unhealthy fuels for cooking, and one in every 7 people on the planet has no access to electricity. Energy poverty is a particularly stark problem in Sub-Saharan Africa, where 621 million people are estimated to lack access to electricity, and 792 million people are forced to cook with traditional biomass on unimproved cookstoves.

Reliance on biomass food cooking and light is devastating for people’s health as the indoor pollution leads to respiratory problems linked to premature death, particularly for women and young children. Energy poor households are also forced to spend a greater proportion of their income to meet their basic energy needs.

Access to regular energy supplies means that vital medical facilities such as hospitals are able to operate effectively and save lives. Bringing electrical access to rural communities in hard to reach locations is difficult, as is a reliance on fossil fuels. However, Africa is at the forefront of new low cost renewable solar and wind technologies which could see it lead to world to become the cleanest energy continent on earth. 

Global Citizen is working in partnership with Energise Africa to shine a light on the clean energy solutions taking place across the African continent. Take the quiz now to see how much you know about Africa’s energy access.