A hardening approach to refugees costs lives. The recent heartbreaking deaths of young children in the Channel, their only 'crime' seeking safety, is something none of us expected to see in our lifetimes. 

The UK government must change its approach now before more lives are lost. It is essential that the government opens up safe pathways for refugees to reach our shores by supporting refugee family reunification and pledging places to refugees from crisis hotspots like the Aegean islands. 

We need our MPs from all parties to speak up for what's right and raise their voices on this issue. The majority of UK people believe refugees should be welcome, and for centuries offering refuge has been a proud part of UK history — from Huguenot refugees in the 17 th century to Jewish refugees in WW2. 

Help make sure that tradition of welcome continues and ensure no more innocent lives are lost.

Urge your MP to speak out and call for the government to offer urgent  and safe pathways for refugees  — email now!