At this year's Global Citizen Festival, incredible commitments to Education Cannot Wait were made by Ireland, Norway, the US and the Lego Foundation — helping the world’s most vulnerable children across the globe access the education they deserve. 

A shocking 75 million kids risk missing out on an education because of conflict, natural disasters, or other crises. Conflict and disaster don’t just increase the likelihood of being out of school -— children that miss out on an education are often at risk of violence, trafficking, child marriage and other dangers. 

Education Cannot Wait works to provide millions of children with access to safe, free, quality education by 2030. Giving every child the chance to stay in class is vital to help heal trauma, rebuild communities, and prevent future conflict and disaster.

This year, Global Citizens across the globe have taken over 254,000 actions calling on world leaders to commit funds to Education Cannot Wait. Now, your call has been heard — Ireland, Norway, the US and the Lego Foundation have collectively pledged USD $86 million to support the vital work of Education Cannot Wait. 

With these new funds, Education Cannot Wait will be able to help even more children get the quality education they deserve. Send a tweet to Ireland, Norway, the US and the Lego Foundation to show you appreciate their amazing commitments!